Bethel Family Ministries: El Paso Church, Your New Home.

El Paso's Church

I wonder sometimes if we've made church a little complicated. The Bible shows us that Jesus did things in a loving and simple way. Without all the unnecessary things we add, Jesus just got to the heart of things. In short he summed up our mission: LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE. Nothing more – nothing less.

- Ben & Cindy Hodge

Ministries That Serve

Ministries are ways we serve people. They also provide ways for people to fulfill their potential and explore the gifts God has given them. Check out all the ways you can use your God-given gifts to make a difference in the lives of others while, at the same time, receiving from the giftedness of others through their ministries.

One thing that sets Bethel apart from other churches in El Paso is our ability to maintain a close family atmosphere. Though we are a church body of hundreds, no one is lost in the shuffle. We like each other and live our lives together outside of attending church services.

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