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Guy's Ministry 

Our Guy's Ministry is a time for guys to just be guys. We encourage you, if you're a guy, to come out and join us. Our range of events we participate in are from having devotionals to going to baseball/football games or just have an old fashioned BBQ. The most important thing here is we want to love God and enjoy life together.  

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Real Life 

Here at Bethel Family Ministries education is a core value. We believe that this starts in our Real Life classes. We have excellent teachers who not only make the Bible understandable, but we make it relatable. Knowledge is worthless if we don't know how to practice it in our everyday life. We have classes for every age group. We encourage you to come out and be a part of our Sunday Real Life classes at nine-thirty. 

Dinner for Eight

Have you ever had a difficult time making friends in a new place? Dinner for Eight is the answer for that. All it entails is getting together with three to four other families and meeting for dinner. This allows new and not so new people to cultivate new and meaningful relationships. We are a family church and believe that fellowship is important and encourage you to be a part of it.  

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Bethel Divas

Bethel Divas is where all the fun is. If you are a lady, we want you to join in on the fun. We meet once a month and occasionally for special events. We truly do have a wonderful time getting to chit chat and know each other. We have guest speakers share the word and their life with us all the time. We hope you will come have a wonderful time growing and laughing with us.

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