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Bethel Nursery is devoted to giving your infants and crawlers the best care. We don’t only watch your kids while you attend service; we pray over them and ensure they have a great experience so that you can enjoy service worry-free. More...



The Clubhouse is Bethel Family’s toddler ministry. Here kids from ages 3 and 4 are taught about the Love of God while still enjoying fun activities like finger painting. More... 



The Neighborhood is our Children's Church Ministry. The age group is 5 to 11. The Neighborhood is committed to helping kids learn about God and grow in Him through games, worship and exciting messages. More...  



Missionettes is our girl’s ministry on Wednesday nights. The program's age ranges from Kinder through 5th grade. Missionettes focuses on building young girls into Godly women through memorizing verses and reading the word of God. More...    



Ranger Boys is our boy’s ministry on Wednesday nights. The program's age ranges from Kinder through 5th grade. Ranger Boys  focuses on building young boys into Godly men through memorizing verses, reading the word of God, camping and wilderness training. More...  

A Family Church

Here's why Bethel is El Paso's family church. We believe in strong relationships. Our goal is to make our families stronger - that includes our church family. Whether your married, single, young or old - there's a place for you at Bethel Family Ministries.



The Mix is our Jr. high and high school group. The Mix is focused on fostering Godly relationships and learning to have a true relationship with God that will last through the rigorousness of college. The Mix has passionate worship and messages geared toward youth. More...



Young Adult Ministries (YAM) is our young adult age group, 18 to 37. YAM’s is committed to a deeper intellectual understanding of God and learning to tackle hard questions through intensive reading of the scripture. More...



Adult ministries is focused on growing adults because one is never done learning. At Bethel Family Ministries our adults have just as much fun as the youth. Through several different ministries our adults learn to build relationships with people and God. More...



50 Plus is offered to our senior members, and is open to all who are... you guessed it... 50 or older. From breakfast get togethers and dinners with good company, to vacation trips and relaxation. Come enjoy life and share your experiences and make new ones. More...


Ministries That Serve

Ministries are ways we serve people. They also provide ways for people to fulfill their potential and explore the gifts God has given them.

Check out all the ways you can use your God-given gifts to make a difference in the lives of others while, at the same time, receiving from the giftedness others through their ministries.

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