Bethel Family Ministries: El Paso Church, Your New Home.

Values and Mission

El Paso Church, Bethel Family Ministries' Pastor, Ben Hodge III

Core Values

We believe in developing people. We accomplish this by challenging our church family to grow in knowledge and to ask questions. We also strongly believe in sharing life through laughter, conversation and worship.  We are an El Paso church family and we believe in community. As a church we also strongly believe that we are called not only to love our church family, but also to have a heart for people period. We show love by clothing and feeding the needy, and most importantly, by sharing our faith through the way we live. In short, everything we believe can be summed up in Love God and Love People.

Bethel Family Ministries Vision

Our vision is to be a place that is encompassed by love: love that builds a family of people and that continues growing as people are welcomed into the family. We strive to have an atmosphere that attracts all ages and brings them to learn about a relationship with God and people. Ultimately, we want to bring Jesus' vision of "Seek and save the lost" to fruition. 

Bethel Family Ministries Mission

The mission at Bethel Family Ministries is simple: Love God and Love People. Working with other churches in El Paso, working with public schools, reaching the down-and-out, ministering to our military personnel at Fort Bliss - this is what it looks like.

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