Bethel Family Ministries: El Paso Church, Your New Home.

Bethel Family Ministries

Bethel Family Ministries is a local Assemblies of God church in El Paso, TX committed to making a difference. We believe that one church can make a difference and strive to be a place that draws people to see the genuineness of love that comes from God. As Jesus states in the Bible, all things fall under Loving God and Loving People. Nowadays, the world is full of hate and violence. We believe that the church needs to be the light that draws people in and shows love where love has possibly never been shown.

Praying for each other is one of the ways we encourage one another at Bethel Family Ministries.

Bethel's Staff

We are passionate about God. We believe in empowering people and helping them find their place in the Kingdom of God, placing the right people in the right ministries. Every position has been carefully chosen and high standards have been set. Our staff loves what they do and are dedicated to making every ministry the best it can be.


Our church has been around since 1945 and we have always been a family church. Our current lead pastor is a third generation pastor as he has followed in the footsteps of both his grandfather, the founder, and his father who passed the reigns to him. This year coming marks the 70th year the church has been around. This generational heritage makes Bethel unique among the Christian churches in El Paso.

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