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The Proverbs 31 Woman in the 21st Century

woman 1.jpgWith Mother’s Day approaching, I was reading Proverbs 31 which describes a godly and virtuous woman. As I read, I thought of my own Mother and how these verses describe her so well.  My Mom is this woman in the 21st Century! So, I decided to give you my version of the Proverbs 31 Woman in the 21st Century.


10. A good and godly woman is needed in the 21st Century and worth more than all the beautiful jewels money can buy.

11. Her Husband places his confidence in her and in the decisions she makes; he gives her the debit card without reservation or worry, knowing that she will provide the best for the family after shopping for the best prices.

12. She brings her husband joy and peace within the home and in their marriage, encouraging and supporting him.

13.  She shops for the best clothes and shoes for her children, all of which are fashionable, yet bought at a great price – BOGO is always appropriate for great buys.

14. She watches Food Network to bring variety, spice, and the newest recipes from Bobby Flay, and 30 minute meals by Rachael Ray so family dinners never become boring.

15. She gets up before the sun rises, while her family is still sleeping, in order to have a quiet, devotional time for herself; she then prepares breakfast -  thankful for Pop Tarts, cereal, and Jimmy Dean microwaveable sausage biscuits. After all have been fed, she checks her organizer and plans the day ahead.

16. She continues to watch for the best buys, waiting for the merchandise to go on sale. When it does, she then buys it, and with the savings she makes, she puts it towards another great buy.

17. As she gets ready for work, her mind is on the task before her; she is prepared to do the best she can at her place of employment shining God’s light all around her while doing her job with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength.

18. She sees that her work is good, both at her job and at home often staying up late into the night nursing sick children, making plans for tomorrow, or baking  cookies for her child who told her at bed time they need 3 dozen by the next morning.

19. She is skilled in making a house a home using her creativity along with Hobby Lobby, Pinterest, and LOWES, to turn a boring, cold house with white walls into a home that is cozy, warm, full of color and life.

20. She is quick to help those in need always bringing food and supplies to her church for outreaches. She is also aware of those around her neighborhood or church who may need a baby sitter, a meal due to illness, or simply a cup of coffee and a little chat.

21. During the winter months, she makes certain all of her family has the right clothing to keep warm; also she makes sure the lights are off and the heater is turned down during the day - always a good steward of money and energy.  

22. She has a good head on her shoulders and can make a costume or an outfit out of the most unique and creative things. She can put several “old” things together and make a completely new outfit for her kids or even for herself.  

23. Her husband is greatly respected at his job and within in the church.

24. She finds ways to make a little extra money using the talents God has given her whether it is selling something she has made, giving music lessons, or simply saving at the grocery store and putting the extra money aside for a “rainy day.”

25. She keeps herself from becoming “frumpy” by dressing well, eating right, exercising, and wearing that perfume that drives her husband mad!

26. She is not a gossip always waiting for and telling the next juicy bit of someone else’s troubles; but when she does speak, it is encouraging to those around her, uplifting and kind, giving the benefit of the doubt, while speaking wisdom and truth.  

27. She knows what goes on with everyone in her home; she knows who her kids’ friends are, who and what they are texting, and where they are going on the internet. She teaches her children not to be lazy, but to be responsible, encouraging them to make the right choices while loving, supporting, and correcting them when they make the wrong ones.  

28. Because she is a good mother who listens to her children, they love and respect her; because she is a caring, loving and supportive wife, her husband sings her praises - even to his own mother!

29. There have been many great women throughout history, but a Godly and virtuous woman in the 21st century outclasses them all!!!

blackandwhite,curls,expression,eyes,face,focus-d2b9b94524df96aff5738ef6eba09ab8_h.jpg30. Being charming can be misleading and manipulative if done with the wrong motives, and beauty will fade away even with Botox and Oil of Olay beauty products, but the woman who is the most outstanding, the woman to be most praised and admired, is the woman who FEARS THE LORD!!!

31. Give her everything she deserves – chocolate, breakfast in bed, Starbucks coffee, and let her works and kindness be her praise.

Bethel Family Ministries
Lead Pastor
El Paso, Texas

Posted on: May 7th, 2016


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