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Does God Have a Favorite Team?

For the longest time I believed that God favored the Cowboys. You know, the days with Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith. He had to…right? The catches - the runs - the near perfect front line. And the defense. Oh my. The games - the playoffs -the Super Bowls. GOD LOVED THE COWBOYS. And then…something happened. Things changed. They started having fewer and fewer wins. Next…Playoffs?…. Don’t talk about…playoffs?… Are you kidding me?… Playoffs?! (Thanks Jim Mora). No Super Bowls. Too many losing seasons. (SIGH)

Excuse me for my out loud wishful thinking. 

The fact is, God doesn't have a favorite football team. He does not “show partiality” to any one. At a quick glance, I count no fewer than 16 verses that specifically talk about not showing favoritism. God is fair! But, I saw something in the highly entertaining Steeler ~ Bengals game on January 9. Take a look at this video. These guys were praying. I don’t mean a quiet little, under-the-breath prayer but a full blown, call-down-Heaven prayer. Did you see #21, Robert Golden? This was a heart-felt prayer.Now, I know what you’re possible thinking - maybe God was for the Steelers that day. In view of what the Bible says, the answer is “No”. My thought here is first, God cares about what you care about. 1 Peter 5:7 says, “Let [God] have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you”. Second, God does listen to your prayers. James 5:16 says, “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”My conclusion is that when we pray diligently about something in our lives, God listens and will do the right thing. It won’t necessarily guarantee us a playoff spot :) , but you can expect God to help you do the VERY BEST. When we do what we know to do, and then, through prayer, give it to God, He will help us to succeed - to prosper - to excel.

Now, get out there and “give it all ya' got”. GO COWBOYS!

Ben Hodge is lead pastor of Bethel Family Ministries in El Paso Texas.
Bethel Family Ministries
Lead Pastor
El Paso, Texas

Posted on: January 21st, 2016


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