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— January 21, 2016

The Root Of It All

Lately I have been talking about this word “Intimacy” in my sermon series titled “What’s your status?” I have been really contemplating this word, as it is such a subjective feeling. What may be intimate for one person may be just scratching the surface for another.

— January 21, 2016

Does God Have a Favorite Team?

Ever feel like you don't matter to God or that somehow you've been skipped. Benny delves into God's word to explain simple truths and that we matter to God.

— January 12, 2016

Meet Bethel Family Ministries Youth Pastor

Isaac Portillo is Bethel Family Ministries Youth Pastor. He has been an active leader for over eight years. Learn a little about him and the passion he has for living for God.

— January 12, 2016

Thoughts on Jazz

Jazz is a complicated style of music that takes copious amounts of improvisation. In the same way we have to learn to improvise and trust in God no matter what life sends our way.

— October 13, 2015

Press the Right Button

People usually want to do the right thing, but knowing what choices will get you there is half the battle.

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