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— April 6, 2016

All to God

Do we always give God our best? Do the things we do actually show God in us?

— March 31, 2016

Nuggets to Steak

Isn’t it funny how our taste buds can change so quickly? In the same way as we mature in Christ our desire to move from milk to solid food shows growth in our walk with the God.

— March 22, 2016

Fake Seat Belt

God’s laws are not dumb. We may not fully understand what He requires, but I can say with confidence that there is a good reason behind them. He makes them to protect us and guide us.

— March 15, 2016

Fixer Upper

God not only is a creator, but in fact that we are created in his image and with his desire to create, build, and inspire. But what really gets to me isn’t so much that we follow after our heavenly Father, but that when God created us he took time to admire his creation.

— March 15, 2016

Heaven on Earth

I was fortunate to have attended a Christian private school in El Paso, TX when I was in high school. It was like church but at school. With that being said we had chapels and I remember thinking at the end of our chapel service every week, “I wish it was longer.”

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