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007 The Se7en

se7enwebhome.jpgThere’s “The Magnificent 7”, “9 to 5”, “48 Hours”, “3 Amigos”, “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”, “Ocean’s 11”, “007”, “13 Hours”, “The Hateful Eight”….. See a pattern? I want to talk about “SE7EN”. You might be thinking about the movie but that’s not it.The past few Sundays I’ve been talking about the “SE7EN” in the Book of Revelations. This book, at times, is hard to understand and is most of the time quite vague. A lot of people don’t read the book because of this. Others read it for it’s vivid imagery. Quite honestly you might wonder if John was on something when he wrote it. At times, it’s simply hard to wrap your mind around it. 

There are, though, many things to learn about the future and how it affects us. We get pictures of Heaven, Armageddon, the events that will take place on planet earth and much more. However, it is not all about future events. There is some extremely important information that we benefit from NOW. The “SE7EN” is found in Revelations 2 & 3. It is a warning to seven churches. They were some of the first Christian churches. Jesus, speaking through John, had some good things to say about them (for the most part). He also gave some direction on how to correct their missteps. The great thing about these two chapters is that it not only was for the churches then, but, it’s for us now. I will occasionally talk about these “SE7EN” but I would like to take just one more minute to bring up the church in Ephesus. The message to them is in Revelations 2:1-7.

There’s a song by one of my all-time favorite bands, Earth, Wind & Fire - “After The Love Is Gone”. This could have been the theme song for the Ephesians. They were praised for their hard work, patient endurance through suffering and the resistance of evil - a great commendation. The only complaint Jesus had was, “You don’t love me as you first did”. It’s a terrible thing to fall out of love. It happens too much and it is displayed in divorce, nasty break-ups and a lot of hurt feelings. As bad as this is, when we fall out of love with God the consequences are magnified. Our entire life here will be turned upside-down but if left unchecked it could compromise our destination in eternity. Fortunately, God is loving and forgiving. Jesus gave four recommendations for making things right: 1) listen to Him 2) don’t hide behind a busy life 3) recognize Jesus as your first love 4) go back to square one and start fresh. These things are for loving God like you first did. But you know what? These steps are also applicable to our relationships with others. This first bit of advice in “The SE7EN” will help us in our mission - Love God ~ Love People. After talking about it, I think I’m now going to iTunes and listen to some EW&F.

Ben Hodge is lead pastor of Bethel Family Ministries in El Paso Texas.
Bethel Family Ministries
Lead Pastor
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Posted on: February 2nd, 2016


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